Berlin politicians now completely Islamized: Senator of Justice allows future female prosecutors to wear headscarves in court

Allah's Willing Executioners

For a crime taken to court – and the prosecutor wearing a headscarf? Suspected criminals, whether atheist, Jew or Christian, must now prepare themselves for this in Berlin. What was previously considered impossible, because the state is obliged to neutrality, is to come true in Berlin.

Responsible for this: Senator of Justice Dirk Behrendt (Greens). He causes thereby an éclat in the Red-Red-Green coalition. Wednesday, early evening in the Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, disbelieving glances from the Social Democrats and the Opposition: Behrendt commented on the latest decision of the Federal Labor Court in Erfurt on the Berlin Neutrality Law.

A Muslim woman was awarded 5,129 euros in compensation for discrimination because she was not hired into the teaching profession in the…

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