3 Sept 2020 – We have a new Justice Department and it’s called VICE NEWS

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This guy is admitting to a shooting and no one has arrested him?

How is it that Vice News can find him, but our highly regarded Justice Department was not able — or willing — to find and arrest this person.

Vice is providing a PLATFORM to a MURDERER – BEFORE the justice department has had a chance to FIND him? Were they even looking?

Since I am not allowed to use this link I broke it up — https://twitter.com/V ICENews/status/1301642370774118400

Is Vice News aiding and abetting criminal?

And since he’s an admitted ANTIFA / BLM member who are funded by transnational organizations. They are aiding and rabbeting organized crime.

I did a previous article about TOC’s

They, the Mayors, Governor’s, City Council, Congresspeople, Senators and even judges who are abetting INTERNATIONAL CRIME SYNDICATES

They, ALL, should be tried for TREASON!!!

The funders MUST have their assets seized through RICO…

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