A New Era in Education?


Hmmm, again I got my mind changed about what I was going to write about. Why? Because this while is no light topic it is a happier one for a Friday as we head into a holiday weekend.

So, I’ve been reading post after post from the UK about how screwed up their education system and especially the testing they do is. I don’t completely understand their system, I suspect sometimes, that’s planned so that their people don’t either. But it sounds like a right mess.

We’ve seen some of that, as we’ve seen just how powerful teachers unions are and how little regard they have for the children in their care. But as Jayme Metzgar tells us in The Federalist, there is a bright side as well.

Gallup released the results of a new poll on K-12 education last week, reflecting the post-COVID-19 landscape. Entitled “K-12 Parents’ Satisfaction…

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