How Did Maxine Waters Get So Rich?

H/T gds44

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

Sept. 2nd, 2020

Maxine Waters, is a fraud, liar, thief and a cheat.

H/T Street Artist Sabo for the image above.

She is an admitted socialist and brings the entire I.Q. of the Congressional Black Caucus down if that’s possible.

Could she possibly be more arrogant?

She just admitted that what she has to say is more important that her constituent.

Somewhere in Africa,there’s someone screaming, “Bring back our congresswoman.”

If she had her way she would hook all here constituents on the so-called “Free Stuff,” that isn’t free.

She would have her black constituents working as indentured servants on Uncle Sam’s Plantation with no chance to escape and experience the meaning of true freedom.

The above is not a racist statement, it’s a fact, you want racism?

Listen carefully to what she is saying in the video’s above.


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