The GND Would Ground Air Force One

PA Pundits International

By Ronald Stein ~

According to Biden’s climate plan, America must run on 100 percent emissions-free intermittent electricity by 2050 virtually grounding Air Force One and all transportation industries that needs more than electricity to function.

Democrats are determined to deliver California’s dysfunctional renewable energy debacle to all. If Joe Biden, AOC, and her Squad get the keys to the White House this November, their New ‘Green’ Deal is guaranteed to deliver rocketing power prices and rolling blackouts across the USA.

As the COVID-19 pandemic showed us, the thousands of products made from petroleum derivatives were more important than the various fuels needed for the many transportation segments that were brought a standstill to commerce during the pandemic.

During the quarantine, it was almost like living in the 1800’s with virtually no transportation systems, BUT and that’s a BIG BUT, we were able to survive the quarantine as we…

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