4 Sept 2020 – update – Barr statement and sisters-A day after an interview with Vice News – ANTIFA star who murdered Aaron “Jay” Danielson is shot dead while being arrested

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Barr put this out today

This is not surprising – sister says “I wouldn’t say it’s bad news”

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/ news/article-8697969/Sister-Portland-antifa-gunman-reacts-death-shot-dead-Marshals.html

From the Gate way Pundit :

since I can’t print the url without it being blocked – I added spaces – https://www.thegateway pundit.com/2020/09/ first-photos-video-antifa-killer-michael-reinoehl-shot-dead-washington-state-us-marshals-attempt-revive/

and here’s the article

FIRST PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him

ByJim Hoft

Published September 4, 2020 at 12:13am

On Thursday night Michael Reinoehl, the Antifa militant who murdered Patriot Prayer member Aaron “Jay” Danielson Saturday night in Portland was shot and killed by law enforcement in Washington state.

US Marshals went to arrest Reinoehl. He was killed in Lacey, Washington. A federal fugitive task force located him outside of Olympia, where he was killed as they moved in to arrest him.

Michael Reinoehl was a frequent attendee at the Portland riots…

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