An all-inclusive club for terrorists? The Karlau prison in Graz, Austria

Allah's Willing Executioners

The conditions in the Graz-Karlau prison are almost unbelievable from the point of view of a law-abiding taxpayer.Nobody wonders anymore why Austria is an extremely popular destination for serial criminal immigrants. An Islamist terrorist had the opportunity to conduct terrorist attacks from prison and to carry out Islamist propaganda via cell phone.The security precautions in the Karlau prison in Graz give reason to be astonished. A 21-year-old Islamist terrorist had the opportunity to secretly build a terrorist cell with two fellow prisoners.Head of the terrorist cell was Lorenz K., who established a terrorist organization with the so-called “Palestinian” Abu H. (30 years old) and the Islamist Sergo P. The “Palestinian”, a member of the left-wing terrorist organization Hamas, is serving a life sentence for planning the mass murder of Jews. He wanted to throw hand grenades into a crowd.Left-wing radicals describe the verdict on their Internet pages as an unjust…

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