Italy to close overcrowded center on Lampedusa, relocate migrants to ships

Allah's Willing Executioners

Theovercrowded migrant centeron the Italian island of Lampedusa will be closed today, and about 1,200 refugees will move to three ships, where they will be quarantined for two weeks.

The Lampedusa refugee center, located about 100 kilometers off the Tunisian coast, has a capacity for only 100 people. But in recent weeks, several hundred migrants have arrived on the island every week.

The local authorities used to move them to Sicily, to which the island belongs and which also receives refugees from humanitarian ships. On Wednesday, 350 migrants, who boarded the humanitarian vessel Sea-Watch 4 after being saved from boats in the Mediterranean,arrived in Palermo.

The head of the Sicilian regional government, Sebastiano Musumeci, has repeatedly asked the government in Rome to help with the influx of refugees. Two weeks ago, he threatened to close migration centers in the region and issued adecree banning migrants

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