Switzerland: Muslim convert and BLM sympathizer intrudes into the home of a stranger and randomly kills a woman unknown to him

Allah's Willing Executioners

Last Wednesday at noon, the St. Gallen cantonal police deployed a large contingent to an apartment on the street Speicherstrasse in St. Gallen. There they also deployed firearms. The deployment was necessary because a man massively attacked a woman. The woman was brought to the hospital with serious injuries and died the same evening. The man involved was also killed. He died on the spot. The details were not known at first.Now the St. Gallen public prosecutor’s office announces that the man was shot by the police. In a media release it says: “The arriving police officers asked the suspected perpetrator several times to stop, but he did not react and continued to strike the woman in a massive manner. The two police officers then fired several shots at the suspected perpetrator.

“The suspected perpetrator is a 22-year-old, the victim was a 46-year-old woman. The public prosecutor’s office assumes that…

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