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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

From here (en.wikipedia.org)

Here is another article about the crazy stuff going on in California. Why California? Lots of the people here want to copy what is going on in California.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As Senate Bill 145 sits on the desk of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the lawmaker who authored the legislation is defending it from online criticism.
State senator Scott Wiener says controversy over SB 145 is based on people’s misunderstanding of the bill and some lies about it. (continued here (abc10.com))

Is it easy to figure out what is going on in California? Apparently not, Conservatives have trouble. Supposedly, there is a massive plot to fool us.

The bill is the subject of a massive misinformation campaign by MAGA/QAnon. (continued here (abc10.com))

Did you know Conservatives are easily fooled, that we believe the dumbest things? That’s why the Liberal Democrat news media often responds with stories like this.

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