Antifa’s violent, organized tactics are getting exposed

Allah's Willing Executioners

By Monica Showalter

Based on the arrestphotos of apprehended Antifa rioters, the impression is out there that the group is little more than abunch of extremist fringe crazies.

Sadly, it’s not so.

Report after report shows that Antifa is highly organized, in its rioting, its killing, and its press coverage.

It’s shocking, really. Thisaccount from SurvivalBlog, by J.D., someone who went to severalof Antifa’s riots, describes all the security that Antifa and Revolutionary Communist Party (RevCom, or RCP) coevalsput into their operations. Based on his account, Antifa and RCP appear to bethe same thing:

The first one I attended was on the University of Michigan campus. The protest was rather large, about 1,500 people. What I found interesting was that the first speaker pointed out that “allies from RevCom/ANTIFA” were present, just to provide “logistical support” including medical and security teams. The local RevCom leader got up and explained…

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