Citizen Tom

Earth is not the center of the universe, and neither am “I”.

Blogging can be an adventurous journey, one that can be hard on the ego. As we journey from blog to blog, we run into many different ideas and beliefs. Inevitably, we find people who have the audacity to disagree with “me”.

Want an example? Well, first I visited The oxymoron of subatomic particles (salvageable04.wordpress.com). Here I learned that the term subatomic is an oxymoron. Since I have a degree in Chemistry, I was kind of surprised I had missed that.

Then I noted a reblog.

Reblogged this on MJThompson’s Theology Blog and commented:
Today presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed in a televised interview that he would “follow the science’ [regarding covid-19]. I immediately censured his remark in contemplation of WHICH SCIENCE? Then as irony would have it, I found this worthy post. Well worth the read, it addresses…

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