And then, of course …


There’s this:

I have no doubt this is satire; this is a very understated comedy used, I suspect, to highlight the absurdities of issues discussed in those ‘hallowed’ halls. I even suspect there has been a certain amount of ‘choreography’ or design in the ‘interruption’ and subsequent plea for freedom to finish his statement.

But all that being said, how long do suppose it will be before these types of things become ‘mandatory’? Every word, every phrase, every concept having to undergo vigorous scrutiny by some ‘board’ somewhere. We already monitor our speech and writing. Beautiful old favorites in music and movies are now vilified because they no longer fit in with the ‘correct’ thought process. Every factor and function in life will be examined for ‘correctness’. I couldn’t pass that kind of test. Could you?

As funny as that video is, it’s also a little prophetic – if we…

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