Do We Really NEED Labor Day?

The Lone Cactus

Happy Labor Day!

Today is that day that we celebrate all of those pregnant women ready to give birth!

Well, not really. But today is a day when we are supposed to celebrate labor. And by that I mean unions. Not that I really think most of us even think about unions much anymore. Unions were a big thing about a century ago. We needed them because back then employers took advantage of their employees. They paid them squat, and people had to work in some terrible conditions. Unions stopped all of that, and served a purpose. Today, most (not all) unions no longer have a reason for existing.

I say most because the trades unions do. If you want to become a master electrician, or a bricklayer, or you want to do something in the construction industry, or become a plumber, you almost 100% have to join a union…

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