German left-wing politicians justify violence in Leipzig

Allah's Willing Executioners

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has not yet condemned the left-wing extremist excesses of violence in Leipzig in which police officers were injured in battles against the “autonomist” Antifa sympathizers. And he is not the only politician supporting the extremists.

It has become crystal clear what is important to Steinmeier: During the recent so-called “the storming of the Reichstag” on September 29 – with no damage, no injuries, no criminal offenses– the occupant in Bellevue Palace saw the “heart of democracy” threatened.

On that day, hundreds of anti-Corona-lockdown activists, some waving the black, white and red flag of the pre-1918 German Empire, broke through a police barrier and tried to force their way into the seat of the German government during a protest.

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