How many murders in Germany are committed by refugees? The government refuses to say

Allah's Willing Executioners

Germany has experienced a number of high-profile murders of young women in recent years at the hands of migrant men who entered Germany following the 2015 migrant wave. While the cases made headlines, true statistics involving how many murders refugees and migrants have been responsible for remains elusive.

Some of the most well-known cases involve 19-year-old medical studentMaria Landenburger, who was raped and drowned in Freiburg by a refugee as well as 15-year-oldMia Valentin, who was murdered by an Afghan asylum seeker after she broke off their relationship. There is also the case ofSusanna Feldman, a 14-year-old German-Jewish girl murdered by an Iraqi migrant.

In addition, the terrorist attack at Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz Christmas Market was also perpetrated by a refugee, Anis Amri, who entered Germany with over the 1.8 million refugees admitted to the country since 2015.

To this day, however, the exact number…

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