Islam will become the minority religion in Austria according to a study

Allah's Willing Executioners

According to a study by the “Vienna Institute of Demography”, the Roman Catholic Church in Austria continues to suffer from a sharp decline in Christian membership. The number of Muslims, on the other hand, is growing strongly. If the trend continues in this way, Islam could be the majority religion of all under 15 year olds in 30 years.The present study examines all religions in Austria up to the year 2051, taking into account the fertility rate, the religion-specific net migration and the conversion rate between the religions.According to a report in the Freilich Magazine, it states that the proportion of Catholics will fall from 75 percent in 2001 to less than 50 percent by the middle of the century, unless current trends in fertility, secularization or immigration change.On the other hand, the Islamic population, which has grown from one percent in 1981 to four percent in 2001, will, according…

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