Riding the tiger…

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Time for Thorns

Joe Biden’s corruption covers his entire family,  and it involves them deeply with China.   Whether you like it or not,  that has severe  national security  implications.   Peter Schweizer,  bestselling author and president of the Government Accountability Institute,  is out with a bombshell documentary that exposes the Biden family’s relationship with China “and the sinister business deals that enriched them at America’s expense.”   It’s embedded in the article linked above,  and it will make your head spin.

The ChiComs OWN Joe Biden,  and therefore by extension,  the entire Democratic Party,   which is devoting so much time and energy to propping the senile old man up.   Democrats should be outraged that the DNC has foisted such a man upon them,  but I fear that too many of them have been so inculcated with unreasoning hatred of Orange Man Bad that they are oblivious to the slight dealt them.   In most places, …

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