‘A Disgrace To Artists’: Kirstie Alley Slams Oscars’ ‘Dictatorial’ Diversity Quota

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By Gabriel Hays ~

Look, another institution is hollowing itself out to comply with the demands, real or anticipated, of social justice drones. In this case, it’s a Hollywood institution, so conservatives will probably just shrug. But there are some media personalities who are not OK with it.

Of course Hollywood can’t lecture about diversity at every awards show without making industry wide changes that destroy artistic creativity, as it did this week with the Academy of Motion pictures instituting diversity quotas into their criteria for selecting “Best Picture” at upcoming Oscars, starting in 2024.

Kirstie Alley knows that mandating diversity quotas for films in order for them to be in the running for the year’s best film is “dictatorial.” Alley, the actress, former model and member of the Academy tweeted her unhappiness with the Hollywood group’s idiotic decision earlier this week.

On Tuesday September 8, Alley tweeted

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