Pelosi Blow Back Continues

The Lone Cactus

The pushback on House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s brazen attempt to flaunt the rules of San Francisco and go where she shouldn’t by getting her hair done when salons are supposed to be closed continues. Long after the 24 hour news cycle is over, protesters in San Fran are upset and protesting outside Pelosi’s mansion.

If you’ve been on vacation or living in a cave for the past week, you may have missed that Pelosi was spotted on surveillance cameras inside the eSalon, with wet hair. When asked about it, Pelosi’s response was “I was set up. I take full responsibility for allowing to be set up!” Her excuses are becoming much more lame as she ages!

So, there have been protests outside her tony mansion in the city by the bay. Protesters, who are not by the way, salon owners, but angry customers, and out of work folks, hung hair…

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