Zuckerberg: I’m A ‘Big Believer In Free Expression,’ Despite Facebook Ad Ban

PA Pundits International

By Corinne Weaver~

Facebook is taking a contradictory stance: it supposedly is pro-free speech, but is banning political ads the week before the election.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently appeared on the Sept. 8 episode of Axios on HBO to explain all of the platform’s new policy decisions and to discuss “disinformation.” Axios co-founder Mike Allen made a point that Facebook has “more monthly users than Christianity.” These users are subject to the massive policy changes Facebook has made to “clear up confusion and any misinformation around voting or around the elections,” according to Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg tried to make the claim that while Facebook is banning any new political ads the week before the election, he is still “a big believer in free expression.” The reasoning he gave for this logic was that “[i]n the last stretch before the election, if someone just drops a whole lot of misinformation, there…

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