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How to Make an Origami Pig! (Special Thanks to Mohammed Hijab!) (Video)

  How to Make an Origami Pig! (Special Thanks to Mohammed Hijab!)   •Sep 10, 2020 Acts17Apologetics David Wood’s epic tutorial on how to make an origami pig (inspired by the recent insults of Mohammad Hijab!). This signed origami pig … Continue reading

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New video at boudica.us 9-11-2001_002-1

New video at boudica.us Click on link or screenshot for video clip  9-11-2001_002-1  Hits Unique Hits Leave a comment Boudica.us videos index 001

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Life’s Defining Moments

Originally posted on The Lone Cactus:
It was 19 years ago today. I remember it like I was watching the moon landing, or learning about JFK being killed. I was sitting at my desk at the radio station I worked…

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A Day of Heroes

nebraskaenergyobserver LZAlbany Like you, I haven’t forgotten, 19 years ago so many good men and women perished in the worst attack on American civilians ever mounted. But the response was so very heartening and has lessons for us today. This … Continue reading

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Love the Soldier, Distrust the General

nebraskaenergyobserver Almost everyone who reads here knows that no one had more admiration for the prowess of American warriors than I do.  I always will. What I have no admiration for, in fact, no tolerance for is insubordination from those chosen … Continue reading

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The OECD Urges a Big Energy Tax on American Families

Originally posted on International Liberty:
It’s not easy to identify the worst international bureaucracy. The United Nations embraces some terrible ideas on a range of policies, though it is usually too incompetent to actually move policy in the wrong direction.…

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Israel In Acts, 1:1-11, 33 A.D., Notes

Originally posted on Eternity:
https://youtu.be/z28lq6TSbu0 Introduction. What is the Kingdom? Consider a time in the history of our created earth that there was no challenge to the rulership of God over His creation. That time was in Genesis before the…

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Originally posted on Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance:
Illustration of the morphology of coronaviruses; the club-shaped viral spike peplomers, coloured red, create the look of a corona surrounding the virion, when viewed electron microscopically (from here (en.wikipedia.org)) Since I found Pro…

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Motive for random knife attack in Cottbus not noted in police file

Originally posted on Allah's Willing Executioners:
The Cottbus district court issued an arrest warrant on Thursday for a Pakistani who had attacked a young local with a knife the day before for no apparent reason. The police and the…

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