Biden’s Dilemma

The Lone Cactus

Joe Biden has a major problem. When he stays in his basement and doesn’t say anything, he lets Donald Trump say the stupid comments (which he does from time to time), and Biden is the beneficiary of them. But then, as the election gets closer, Biden has to crawl above ground and hit the campaign trail. That opens up a world of gaffes and miscues. When that happens, his poll numbers drop.

The latest gaffe occurred in Michigan this past week when Biden was meeting with union members, and one lady approached the microphone and said, “They told us to stick to the questions on this here paper, but I’m not going to do that”. She then asked Biden a question off the paper she was handed. Biden looked to his handlers and said, “Where is the prompter at?” as if to say he didn’t know where the answer was…

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