Ex-boyfriend of Turkish origin executes German mother of two with a knife in front of her new boyfriend

Allah's Willing Executioners

Last Friday morning, the ex-boyfriend of the beautiful office clerk Bianca G. (27 years old) sentenced her to death – and killed her with a knife. Her crime: to separate from her hot-blooded, Turkish-born husband.Disgusting: Her new boyfriend watched the crime inactively.After the bloody deed, Cenk D. (29 years old) had a calm conversation with the new friend of the woman whom he had just murdered with numerous stab wounds. The man of Turkish origin had moved out of the shared apartment in Lübeck three weeks ago.Then there were loud arguments again and again, the police had to come to mediate several times during the night. Of course there were no legal consequences. Unfortunately, in these cases, “something” always has to happen before the constitutional state acts – quite different from all the new laws that are directed against unwanted expression of opinion.

On the morning of the crime, Cenk…

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