French philosopher Eric Zemmour: We know where the savagery comes from but the media covers it up

Allah's Willing Executioners

While referring to France’s large migrant population, French philosopher and journalist Eric Zemmour said that even though the country is aware who is committing assaults and violent crimes, the media refuses to report on it.

Zemmour made his remarks as a part of a guest panel for the Face à l’Info television program, in which he discussed the influx of migrants to Europe and a corresponding increase in crime.

Zemmour, an Algerian-born French Jew who works as a columnist for one of France’s top newspaper, Le Figaro, mainly pointed out that mainstream media ignores the stories of French citizens when they become the victims of migrant crimes, while the government would in many cases take the migrant’s side and the victims would become prosecuted by the authorities.

“The entire French society doesn’t resort to savagery. Then, what is it? We know who the savagery comes from,” he said. “We all…

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