Protecting The Masses

The Lone Cactus

So it comes out in a new book by Bob Woodward that Donald Trump “downplayed” the whole Coronavirus thing because he didn’t want the country to panic. Of course, Democrats, seeing that they have an extremely weak candidate going up against Trump in the election and realizing they need something to stop Trump’s surge in the polls, have jumped on this like a bum on a bologna sandwich.

So, the question today is, did Trump do the right thing?

Biden is quick to state that the President really screwed up by not acting sooner, and downplaying the whole affair. Of course, this is coming from a guy that only now is starting to emerge from his basement. Let’s take a look at the facts today, shall we?

One of the things Trump has explained that he reasoned to stay positive was the economy. He didn’t want to see a run…

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