Germany: Islamist knife attacker from Stolberg has previously committed knife attacks against other people

Allah's Willing Executioners

How often do you actually have to stab people in Germany until the judiciary at some point agrees to issue an arrest warrant? Diyako G., a so-called “German-Iraqi”, an Islamist dangerer, who had fatally injured a 23-year-old with a knife in Stolberg ( North Rhine-Westphalia) during the night of Sunday, was now jailed for dangerous bodily harm – but only because he had already stabbed someone once.It is a disturbing message in two respects, with which the tabloid “Bild” is making a headline: “Islamist stabbed before!”First of all, this probably means that an Islamist perpetrator in the most diverse Germany of all time could still be at large after the knife attack. And secondly…

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