He’ll ‘GET US ALL KILLED.’ Mark Hamill, Bill Nye Demand Trump Panic Over Climate

PA Pundits - International

By Gabriel Hays ~

It’s a new week so the Hollywood anti-Trump outrage dial is on a different setting for the time being. According to our sources, we’ve strayed a bit from the Woodward book outrage cycle and back to climate change hysteria. It’s almost comforting to be in such familiar territory.

With the wildfires in California and Oregon raging, a hurricane here or there in the Gulf of Mexico and Trump not beating his chest over the sins Americans have committed against Mother Earth, lefty entertainers like Cher and Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, began hyperventilating that the president will “GET US ALL KILLED.”

Star Wars star Mark Hamill went full idiot in response to Trump’s recent remarks that the fires in California will start to cool off eventually and that science might not have the answer to prevent forest fires and other natural disasters. That kind of insolence…

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