Is Sanders’ Support Fading?

The Lone Cactus

Back in April, Bernie Sanders did what Bernie Sanders apparently does best. He dropped out of the race for President of the United States. In doing so, he threw his support behind the only candidate left in the field, Joe Biden. In the ensuing weeks, Biden latched on to several of Sanders’ ideas in regards to how socialistic our country should become. While Joe never really backed a “Medicare for All” approach, thinking that Obamacare needed to be tweaked, he did like Sanders’ feelings on several issues including taxing the wealthy (making more than $400,000 this time around), and free college for all. He also liked Bernie’s idea of getting rid of college debt. Alas, it didn’t help in the poll numbers as Bernie’s Bros all said they’d be staying on the couch this time around.

Now, it appears that Bernie Sanders may be joining them.

Sanders has said privately…

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