Knife fight and gunfire in the middle of Vienna, Austria: At least seven immigrants from Syria and Iraq engaged in a street battle in the Favoriten district

Allah's Willing Executioners

Only a few days after the disturbing video from Reumannplatz in Vienna, which shows five ninjas with migration roots wearing Adidas shoes surrounding an adult opponent (in a fight for a spear) in a white box van, dragging him out and beating him severely, another confrontation broke out in the night from Sunday to Sunday, which went on just as much as a street battle and escalated into a knife war including shooting.As police spokesman Markus Dittrich confirms, numerous neighbors of the street Favoritenstrasse in the area of Columbusplatz square called 911 because a loud yelling and several shots could be heard. When the police officers arrived in a large contingent, two Syrians and three Iraqis (all 17 and 19 respectively) were arrested.Among other things, they threw a knife and a machete under parked cars while fleeing. When asked what they were doing here, the only answer was: “Jogging.” In…

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