Biden Fell For The Most Radical Climate Hustles In The Book

PA Pundits - International

By Craig Rucker ~

If you thought Governor Newsom using climate to distract from his failure to protect California from wildfires was outrageous, brace yourself for Biden.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign drove him over to Delaware’s Natural History Museum where he read out the entire litany of the most divisive, unscientific talking points in the global warming playbook.

Watch Biden at

Biden blamed a biblical list of plagues — fires, hurricanes, droughts, floods, and more on climate, despite the powerful scientific evidence that today’s weather is about nature, not man.  They actually had him call it doomsday!

CFACT will bust the entire scam of frightening people about the weather wide open during the worldwide streaming event of our exciting feature film, Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy on September 24th at 8:00 PM in every time zone on Earth.  You absolutely need to join us. …

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