Citizen Tom

You don’t like Republicans? You think President Donald Trump a dangerous buffoon? Well, we have heard Democrats and their sympathizers wax angrily and contemptuously over Trump’s supposed sins. We have heard never-Trumpers endlessly condemn Conservatives for their alleged hypocrisy in supporting Trump. What we have yet to hear Democrats, their sympathizers, and never-Trumpers do is discuss the alternative. Who are you going to vote for? What is your alternative to Republicans? Why do you think voting for the Harris/Biden ticket the better alternative?

Look around the United States. What is most rare? Is it not a state or a city that has been run by Democrats for any length of time that remains well run?

  • Folks are fleeing blue states. High taxes. Failing schools. Shriveling economies. Because of the outrageous benefit/retirement programs Democrat politicians have set up for their government employee union allies, Democrat-run states and cities are anxious for…

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