GOP Needs To Hold The Senate

The Lone Cactus

There are 35 total Senate seats up for re-election this November, and the Republicans have 23 of them. 12 are Democrat seats. One Republican is retiring (Lamar Alexander of Tennessee). Democrats are hoping to re-take the Senate by flipping four seats. If they can hold their own, and not lose any seats, they can re-claim the US Senate.

A quick look shows that they actually could do it. Susan Collins of Maine is upside down against her Democrat rival and current Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, Sara Gideon. It’s anywhere from a 4-5 deficit right now (with a 5 point margin of error).

In Colorado, Cory Gardner is facing former Governor and presidential candidate, John Hickenlooper, who dropped out of the presidential contest to run for the Senate. There hasn’t been a reliable poll taken in Colorado in weeks, though it’s assumed Gardner is in a tough race.

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