Two illegal migrants arrested for stabbing 20-year-old to death in Lyon, but French media keeps quiet on their foreign background

Allah's Willing Executioners

Two illegal migrants were arrested on suspicion of stabbing a man in his twenties to death in the Stade de Gerland metro station, FrenchLe Progrèsonline daily reported, but larger television news outlets have kept quiet on their foreign backgrounds.

The tragedy occurred on Sunday, 15 minutes after midnight at the Stade de Gerland metro station in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon.

The young man in his twenties was assaulted by two individuals who stabbed him in the chest and hit him with broken bottles. Despite two witnesses of the incident trying to resuscitate him on the spot, the victim died.

Police officers then arrested the two drunk suspected assailants near the crime scene. They are both foreigners, one is 30 years old, and the other one is in his twenties. They were in possession of a bloodstained knife with a partially broken blade. A part of the blade…

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