Citizen Tom

A jack-o’-lantern, one of the symbols of Halloween (from here (

When I went jogging yesterday I noticed that people are already putting up Halloween decorations. It is not even October yet! Since the political season is now at full gallop, that started me thinking. When compared to Conservative, tradition observing Americans, how do Liberal/Progressive Democrats celebrate holidays?

  • New Year’s Day: Liberal/Progressive Democrats drink hangover medications. Conservative, tradition observing Americans fly the flag and eat Christmas leftovers .
  • Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr: Liberal/Progressive Democrats condemn Conservative, tradition observing Americans as racists. Conservative, tradition observing Americans remember we should judge others by the content of their character. Conservative, tradition observing Americans also fly the flag.
  • President’s Day: Liberal/Progressive Democrats remember George Washington owned slaves. Conservative, tradition observing Americans remember Washington led the way in creating a nation of free people, and Lincoln freed the slaves. Conservative…

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