Going Zany On Climate

PA Pundits - International

By Peter Murphy~

The planet is a large place, and its climate is changing, and always has, for a variety of factors far beyond our reach.  One of the major factors influencing climate change is—not surprisingly—the sun itself.

Politicians and climate activists cannot control Earth’s climate, much less its relationship to the much larger sun, including sunspot activity.  Such realities have not stopped them from promising to affect the climate – lately to the point of grotesque absurdity.

Politicians promise lots of things that are beyond their control, including impacting the economy, reducing poverty, creating millions of jobs, keeping us out of war, etc.  A president and Congress can influence such areas, in contrast to climate, so campaign embellishment has long become typical and accepted in America.

Then came Barack Hussein Obama.

In June 2008, then-Senator and presidential candidate Obama won enough primaries to secure the needed delegates to…

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