The Media Is The Greatest Enemy Of America

Cry and Howl

I watch just about every White House press briefing and I’m so sick and tired of the fake journalists asking stupid “gotcha” questions back to back to back. If they don’t get the answer they want they immediately ask the same question in a different way. If they still don’t get the answer they want and a different ‘journalist’ gets called on, they’ll say something like, “I’d like to pick-up on John’s question …” or “Just to clarify …” or “So what you’re saying is …” The hostility is glaring. The reporters are extremely rude and obnoxious, especially if President Trump is the one holding the briefing. HERE is the press briefing from today. Take a few minutes to watch it. The reporters are really hung up on how the President might challenge the election results, exactly like they did back in 2016.

Folks, the major media genuinely are the…

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