WATCH: The “George Floyd” scam is now also being used in South Tyrol – African mugger falls into the depths and dies while fleeing – His fellow countrymen riot in Bolzano in the manner of BLM and accuse the locals of being responsible for his death

Allah's Willing Executioners

His death triggered protests: The circumstances of the death of a 24-year-old Gambian in Bolzano could now be cleared up.The man may have lost his life while fleeing after a robbery committed by himself. Last week a man from Gambia was found dead in an underground garage in Bolzano. Several compatriots protested in the capital, and the police had to keep an eye on the screaming protesters who were marching through the streets.According to a report from the state police, the death of the 24-year-old now appears to have been resolved. Video footage from a surveillance camera helped to do so. According to the report, the young man, together with a Senegalese man, allegedly threatened and robbed another man from the Ivory Coast with a knife. According to the investigators, the Gambian man climbed into a light shaft of the parking garage ramp while fleeing and fell to the ground…

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