Could It Be Biden’s Downfall?

The Lone Cactus

The Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committees came out with an interim report on their investigation into the whole Burisma scandal involving Hunter Biden, son of the Democrats’ presidential nominee.

Basically, the findings show pretty clearly that not only was the whole issue of Hunter getting a whopping signing bonus for joining the Burisma Board of Directors, but he also was getting paid more in a month than most people make in two or three years.

The 87 page report said that the Obama administration knew all along that this job was going to be “problematic” for them in carrying out an “efficient execution of policy with respect to Ukraine”. And yes, even Sleepy Joe knew about it.

If you’ll remember, Burisma was a rather shady company when Hunter joined the Board back in 2014. And it was under investigation by a special prosecutor. Joe Biden, the Vice President of…

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