2020, the year China defeated the West

Allah's Willing Executioners

by Giulio Meotti

The admiration that Western elites have for exotic dictatorships is long and never ending and the Western fascination with communism remains one of the puzzles of our century. Andy Warhol even made Mao a pop icon. It does not matter that everybody knows the Chinese regime’s numerous abuses; our hypnosis remains intact.

That time of romanticism is gone. There is no longer even that in China. Its former slums have become hypermodern giants of steel and glass and the country’s economic growth today is three times that of the United States. Half of the world’s cars, 80 percent of its computers, 90 percent of telephones and basic medicines are now manufactured in China.

No other country has ever achieved such rapid social and economic progress over such a short period of time. China has built the longest highway system in the world, the largest high-speed rail network…

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