arlin report thought(s) of the day: trump vs. wallace…….and a little bit of joe

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Rules set for Trump-Biden debate — and shaped by COVID-19

We expect it and it is happening, each party claims victory! The referee Chris Wallace couldn’t control this sparring match, and that is really all it was. THIS WAS NOT THE MAIN EVENT. However, Biden may have thought so. What wasn’t surprising was a bias moderator who tossed the gas on the flame that started a California like wild fire that burned out of control all night.

Here is my take on why we saw the interruption contest:

Trump intended to knock Biden off balance, to cause him to lose his focus with the constant interruptions. While Biden shared little to no substance, his greatest victory of the night was he had ‘no MAJOR gaffes’. The interruptions worked for a bit, as Wallace had to remind Biden of the question a couple of times, to get him back on track. Where Biden failed was, with honesty. If you do your…

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