Doin’ Debate Prep

The Lone Cactus

Tonight has been long awaited by Republicans and feared by Democrats. It could very well be the night that Joe Biden either implodes in front of tens of millions of people or that he once and for all puts the mantle of “mentally incapable” aside and becomes a real presidential candidate. Let’s face facts. For the last six months, Biden has hid in his basement, not taken any serious questions from the press (at least not after Charlemaigne da god got to him), and has had a very limited campaign schedule. He has relied on Donald Trump making inane comments (though they are fewer now that he’s in the campaign), and gaffes. But tonight, the gloves come off and it’s pretty much like all the hype of a 200-0 champion going up against a boxing neophyte. Of course, Rocky Balboa’s story was indeed inspiring!

Doing the debate prep for tonight…

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