TKO Last Night?

The Lone Cactus

It was billed as “the most important presidential debate in history”, which is quite a lot when you consider events like the Lincoln/Douglas Debates back in August of 1858. They debated over three hours in searing Indiana heat. In the end, it was the worst performance I’ve seen from a candidate, topping that of Dan Quayle in his Vice Presidential Debate with Lloyd Benson in 1988. And believe it or not, I’m not talking about Joe Biden.

Donald Trump was atrocious last night.

Trump’s performance started in the most important part…the first five minutes. He repeatedly interrupted both Biden, and moderator Chris Wallace, talking over both, raising his voice, and acting like a bully looking for lunch money. It didn’t help, and it didn’t stop there. Continuously throughout the 90 minute long harrang, Trump would repeatedly belittle, name call, and interrupt. It got to the point where the points he…

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