Wallace Life-Guards Biden with an Attempted Trump Muzzle

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© September 30, 2020

I watched the Trump/Biden debate of 9/29/20. Admittedly I’m a Trump supporter because a Biden vote is a vote to transform America into a Marxist-Socialist do-what Big Bro government tells you to do or think  – or else – totalitarian dictatorship with a mirage of a Constitution.

So it didn’t matter to me who won that debate. Besides, I fully expected the Dem Party Propaganda Machine MSM to twist and spin the outcome to Biden’s favor even if Trump knocked the debate out of the park. AND egregiously Dems, way too many Republicans and definitely painted President Trump as an overaggressive bully.

HONESTLY if Trump bowed over to Wallace’s biased so-called moderating efforts, the President would have appeared as weak and evil as corrupt Quid Pro Joe Biden actually is. Even as the media/Dem consensus was and is to muzzle Trump…

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