Pelosi’s Post-Election Plot

PA Pundits International

The House speaker knows state delegations may well determine the outcome.  ~

Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to her caucus over the weekend. She warned of the possibility that the results of the presidential election could be seriously contested and that the Electoral College may not be able to determine a winner.

If that happens, and it last happened in 1876, the election would be decided by the House of Representatives. Under this unusual scenario, each state gets one vote, which is determined by a majority vote of the state’s House delegation.

For example, Florida has 27 seats in the House of Representatives. Its delegation is currently split 13 Democrats to 14 Republicans. If all members vote based on their party affiliation, then the state of Florida would cast one vote for Donald Trump.

Here’s the kicker: Even though Democrats currently control the majority in…

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