Random Observations


The next time you’re wandering around YouTube, look for the channel Donald J Trump. It may just be my whacked out sense of humor but I enjoy them. They are often only a minute or so long. Take a look.

At this point, I’m more afraid of socialism than the virus. The virus MAY kill me; socialism WILL kill America.

After you’ve viewed some of the DJT videos, look for “WalkAway” videos. It’s heartening and uplifting listening to the reasoning of folks from all ages, colors, sexes, places, and backgrounds who have finally made the leap from plantation to Owner. They are a bright spot against what the media would have us believe. They think that Biden has the numbers – too bad no one adds up the #WalkAways, or maybe it isn’t. Let’s give ’em another shock in November.

Ben Shapiro (Daily Wire) announced that he’s moving his entire…

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