Social networks, free speech’s killing fields

Allah's Willing Executioners

by Giulio Meotti 

“A condemnation without appeal. An indelible mark. Social death. The people’s court which takes the place of accommodating justice. In 2020 Google cannot be fought with bare hands and David does not defeat Goliath. ”

These are the first lines of the book (“extraordinary and terrifying”, according toL’Express) in which David Doucet reveals the mechanisms that led to his dismissal as editor-in-chief ofLes Inrocksand the disappearance of many personalities.

“La Haine en ligne”, the title of the book for Albin Michel, is a denunciation of the “Internet tribunals”. Doucet was part of the Lol League, an informal group of thirty journalists accused of cyber bullying against feminist colleagues. “In the space of a weekend, my life fell apart. I saw people moving away, I became radioactive”. He says he has not participated in “any harassment”, but in a phone prank which “he regrets because…

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