Why Trump Can’t be Blamed for Any Deaths from COVID-19

H/T Arlin Report



The election rhetoric of 2020 has recently featured a Democratic Party attack upon President Trump claiming that he is responsible for most or all of the 200,000 American deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This attack has, of course, been parroted in screeching fashion by the propagandist division of the DP, the Leftmedia. 

It is also typical here that the DP and Leftmedia will obfuscate and deceive in order to try and make this narrative stick enough to prevent President Trump’s re-election in November. Why? Because, as the saying goes, ‘in an election year, everything is about the election.’

The Virus Began and was intentionally spread from Wuhan, China

6263161262_7b960d7068_wThis might appear as a revelation to some on the Left, but there was no COVID-19 pandemic until the Chinese Communist Party allowed the virus to escape from China! Moreover, there is strong evidence that this virus was created in the…

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