Will There BE A 2nd Debate?

The Lone Cactus

And I’m not asking the question because of Nancy Pelosi’s inane “one and done” comment. She’s a total buffoon and a clinically diagnosed idiot. No, what I’m talking about is Trump’s testing positive for Coronavirus.

It came out that he tested positive, along with Melania, have quarantined themselves in the White House. Now, if they follow the procedure any of us have to, they need to be quarantined for two weeks. That means that Trump would be done with his quarantine the day OF the debate. He’d have to fly in to Miami and get ready.

The worst news for Trump is that it will keep him off the campaign trail for two weeks, meaning he’s going to miss basically half of the remaining campaign time left prior to the election. The third and final debate takes place in Nashville on the 29th, just days before the election on November…

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