When it comes to Joe Biden, much has been discussed about his mental acuity, or lack thereof. In fact, this investigative journalist has been called into action on more than one occasion to “assess” this and that.

In this regard, the reader is referred to the below analysis. It was featured at the print and online edition (May 2020) of The Boston Broadside:  ACWR FEATURED IN THE BOSTON BROADSIDE — www.AmericasCivilWarRising.org Launching of a Patriotic/Intel Site! By Adina Kutnicki

As is said, desperate times call for desperate measures –yes, these are desperate times!

    This is so, particularly due to the unprecedented havoc sweeping across the world via the unleashing of a global pandemic – incontestably, corona is a Chinese-manufactured virus!

   Even though the economy was roaring like gangbusters prior to the onslaught of corona – thanks to President Trump’s economic foresight and Midas touch, and despite the continuous investigations and incessant incitement hurled his way – the full-on economic wreckage has yet to be calculated. Not only that, despite it all, the deep state and the corporate media mob will never, ever cease and desist. They want him gone. Destroyed and diminished. They will do anything and everything to effectuate said end. Period.

  For in reality and for all practical purposes, yesteryear’s liberal Democratic Party has devolved into an outright arm of fascism on Capitol Hill  – albeit couched under so-called Democratic-socialism which is, in and of itself, an absolute oxymoron.

   And despite the few who still cling to its dead and buried centrist roots, well, if it looks like a duck …
   More pointedly, the all empowered left on Capitol Hill are hell bent on instituting a deadly mix of socialism, Marxism and communism, come what may. This is their end goal – through whichever Democratic candidate they field, even if it takes a mostly somnolent Joe Biden to be the party’s standard bearer!
   Indeed, be it through a smoke-and-mirrors diet of outlandish promises, lies, spin, and shuck and jive, they will push forward their re-shaping of America.
   Yes, Sleepy Joe, a faux centrist, is being propped up by Democrat power brokers who are running scared. “Gaffe- prone Joe” is being kept alive – despite his mental decline – to the delight of the deep-state puppeteers operating behind the scenes to guide him. This highly dangerous, outrageous, and outlandish spectacle is reminiscent of “Weekend at Bernie’s,” a 1989 comedy starring Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman. No kidding. As a result, the party of non-ideas will never loosen its grip on power. Never.
   Be that as it may, the aforementioned power-brokers stand ready to shred the nation’s constitutional underpinnings – having been taught the tools of the revolutionary trade at college campuses across America.
   To wit, millions of patriotic Americans are witnessing the main knock-on effect of leaving the far-left in charge of educating generations of students, from K-12, only to arrive at colleges which serve as higher education boot camps.
   Yes, ever since the Weathermen and Black Panthers terrorized the public during the 1960s and 1970s, the campuses have been their playing field to (inevitably and eventually) bring down America.
   Incontestably, today’s red-aligned troops are the devoted disciples and inheritors of said torchbearers. Having honed their tactics through years of domestic terrorism, the baton is now being handed to the poisonous fruits of Bill Ayers and like-minded revolution- aries. They are ready… set… go… to blow apart America’s foundation(s).
   Due to the above and so much more, the urgency for AmericasCivilWarRising.org couldn’t be more acute. ♦


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In other words, the above zeroed in on the highly acute, attendant danger(s) of a Biden Presidency, that is, in light of the incontestable nexus between his handlers and a myriad of black bloc-aligned domestic (foreign-tentacled) terror groups — namely, ANTIFA and BLM.

More specifically, fast forward to the recent debate between President Trump and Joe Biden and circle back to one (among countless) of Biden’s most outrageous statements of all, that is, “ANTIFA is an idea!” It can be found at the 3:31 marker in the below video. But please bear the following uppermost in mind: when “Sleepy Joe” uttered the aforementioned, he was doing so from a vantage point unknown to most, albeit parroted. Wait and see.

Most significantly, in order to distance ANTIFA from its incendiary footprints, well, couching it as an “idea” (yes, it is, in a key facet of operational terms) is akin to six of one, a half a dozen of another — one and the same.

Now that that is placed front and center, it is time to connect the (revolutionary) dots to today’s thesis: hiding in plain sight! Adina Kutnicki read more

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